Simple application
with extraordinary possibilites

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Get your answers quickly

Create easily different kind of surveys, electronic forms and different tests, simple or complex ones using our powerful tools.

Make your survey fast, manage event registrations, collect contact data, make job competition, choose best candidates, do some testing, and much, much more.

  • Several question types
  • Simple website integration
  • Private and public surveys

Make your own questions and your own answer types

Use your picture of logo, choose appropriate colors in order to create unique survey, or choose one of suggested default themes

Choose from great question options, multiple answers, dropdown meny, list of answers, table forms. Add pictures or YouTube videos

Create and answer while moving

Questionaries have responsive design, which means that you can create and edit survey easy and fast and answer questions on different devices (mobile phones, tablets, different PC's)

Independence from OS or platform..

Organized and analyzed

Answers are automaticly stored in database. Here are available options:

  • Results are generated in real time
  • Individual and group results
  • Different kind of diagrams
  • Export to EXCEL
  • We can include our experts in data analysis

Benefits for institutions

You wish more possibilities and adjustment for entire organization? Manage user accounts (employees), simplify survey processing, review and control all questionnaires and tests data from one place (eAnkete Enterprise).

  • Consolidated account management
  • Access to questionnaires and tests of employees
  • Professional support

Survery creator defines access rights, whether the survery is private, public or accessible only to certain instituion

From small questions to large decisions, we will help you choose the right one

Client satisfaction

Market research



Human resources

Simple application
with extraordinary possibilites

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